Epy's Cleaning Service

A vacation from cleaning.

 At Epy's Cleaning Service, our goal is to provide high quality service with a friendly smile. Give us a call and we can custom tailor a package that meets your needs. Consider a personal cleaning service. Consider a vacation from cleaning.

Call 215-870-4722 and ask for Epy

Cleaning Options

  • Houses
  • Home Office
  • After Parties
  • Small Office
  • Custom Cleaning Service

Why Epy's?

  • Want a vacation from cleaning?
  • Tired of coming home to a dirty house?
  • Does your career have you so strung out, that you don't have time to clean? Who does  these days?
  • Are you moving or buying a house?
  • Don't wait, call Epy's Cleaning Service for a free quote.
  • You aren't just paying for a clean house or office, you're investing in peace of mind.

  • Want a vacation from cleaning?